GeneratorWine racks


  1. First of all, Vault 55 is an actual cellar. Itís more than fourteen feet below street level and naturally maintains constant cool temperatures even on the hottest days. Typical above-ground storage can hit 120 degrees in the summer during power outages. That spells a quick death to gently aging wine.
  2. World-class low airflow refrigeration system.
  3. Redundant refrigeration systems provide continuous fail-safe cooling in the event one unit stops working. During extended power outages we have you covered, our 13.3 liter diesel-powered electric generator with 2,000 gallon fuel storage capacity provides over two weeks of continuous electrical power to our redundant cooling systems.
  4. Ultra humidity control system for perfect 70% relative humidity.
  5. Maximum insulation (closed cell, open cell and thick concrete) block heat, cold and humidity from outside.
  6. Ultraviolet filtration and air cleansing system (similar to those used in hospitals and clean rooms) to remove organic compounds and sterilize the circulating air. The UV wavelength (between 240 and 280nm) destroys microorganisms to improve long-term label appearance, reduce bottle taint and control mold and mildew.